Only a unique key can unlock a fastener as planned by the mechanism. This swift process pampers a dark mystery deep inside that keyhole. In recent times we find these safety devices very common, but years back, these locks used to present only the affluent families in the society. Our skilled locksmith in Arlington tx has collected some interesting facts relating to the locks and keys to enrich your knowledge.

1# Animal Shaped Locks To Blow Your Mind

If you shed light on the Chinese civilization, you will come to know that Chinese emperors used to have locked in animal shapes. However, only wealthy families and high-class people used those beautiful locks for safety purposes.

2# Keys Were The Pride Of Viking Women

During the Viking age, married women used to keep the family keys in terms of responsibility. Females were very proud of this duty, and they took this as an honor. Some used to sew the keys to their dress as a symbol of empowerment.

3# Collecting Lock Is A Great Habit

Some people love to collect various locks. Not surprisingly, historical locks look unique, and many people find it interesting to have a stock of multiple locks. To be more precise, military keys, prison locks, and puzzle locks are an excellent option to encourage hobbyists.

4# Innovative Designs To Prevent Lock-picking

Locksmiths in dated back 19th century used to shape magnetic locks to prevent lock picking. Twisting lock-and-key ideas are often confusing, and it will take one time to get the devices to work together. However, we also initiate the same technique to develop strong locks to keep hazards at bay.

 5# The Story Of Fort Knox

You must have heard the name Fort Knox as this name covers ample secrets behind. This is the American vault building that keeps gold at top security. The robust lock has put this construction among the most secured buildings across the globe. The members are allowed to go inside the building by entering a code that keeps on changing.

 6# A 4000-year-old Lock!

Have you ever imagined of a lock that can survive 4000 years? Historians have discovered a lock from a cave in ancient Egypt assumed to be over 4000 years old. Furthermore, the historians were presuming that the lock was created by the ancient Egyptians to confirm safety.

7# Customized Locks Were Appreciated

In the earlier days, the locksmiths not only used to develop locks, but they used to craft and customize the traditional locks smartly to match the application. We appreciate this technique and aim to apply the same to our services as well.

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